InvisiTex Backlit LTX 560 Matte(BL550-560M-LTX)

The backlit flex is with high tenacity 500x500D/28x28 scrim and super smooth finish; High thread counts scrim laminated by premium translucent vinyl creates “invisible fiber yarns; Excellent tensile/tear resistance strength, ideal for durable application. The material provides vivid and brilliant printing with back light; It is compatible with solvent, eco-solvent, UV, Latex and screen printing; Available size up to 5m (198''). 

Code: BL550-560M-LTX
Product Name: InvisiTex Backlit LTX 560 Matte
Size Available: Up to 5.0m (198'')
Printing: Eco-Solvent/Solvent   UV   Latex   Screen   
Applications: Banners/posters,Signs,Flags   Backlit Displays/frames

Download: BL550-560M-LTX.pdf

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