• Vinyl Self-Adhesive
    • Economic-12Months

      These are the most sales vinyl with general monomeric face film offers consistent printing quality from roll to roll and batch to batch. Normally comes with solvent base adhesive (permanent and removable optional) and single side PE silicon paper, good for every day adhesive advertising and signage purposes.

      Product title Product Model Download
      S/A Vinyl EcoPlus Removable Glossy E08140RG DOWNLOAD
      S/A Vinyl EcoPlus Removable Matte E08140RM DOWNLOAD
    • Premium-24Months

      These vinyl are with premium monomeric face film (without fillers/very few filler) so that it is more durable, flexible and offers great printing quality. There are permanent, removable or high tack adhesive optional. Normally with single side PE kraft release paper, We also offer double side PE paper option for Latex printing. These vinyl are not  for general advertising and signage only, some type could be for smooth wall, flat vehicle surface….

      Product title Product Model Download
      Double PE liner Vinyl GrayRemov Hi-glossy W08140RBG-LTX DOWNLOAD
      Double PE liner Vinyl GrayRemov Hi-glossy W10140RBG-LTX DOWNLOAD
      Bubble Free Vinyl Grey Glue DPE Hi-Glossy DW10150RBG-LTX DOWNLOAD
      Bubble Free Vinyl Grey Glue DPE Glossy DW15150RBG-LTX DOWNLOAD
      Bubble Free Vinyl Grey Glue DPE Matte DW15150RBM-LTX DOWNLOAD
    • Polymeric-3-5Y

      These vinyl are with high quality polymeric face film and solvent based permanent or high tack adhesive to ensure it’s long term outdoor durability. Normally comes with double side PE release paper (for Latex) or bubble free release paper (for easy application). Good for medium to long term advertising and signs or vehicle graphics (not for car wrapping)

      Product title Product Model Download
      Polymeric Vinyl Bubble Free Glossy DV08150RBG-LTX DOWNLOAD
      Polymeric Vinyl Bubble Free Matte DV08150RBM-LTX DOWNLOAD
  • Décor Self-Adhesive
    • Window Graphic

      These adhesive films come with textured transparent film or super clear/fine white film to be used on windows only. Printable textured transparent film normally with permanent adhesive for custom window décor and privacy. Clear/White face film are for advertising and signs normally with removable adhesive, or special “dot glue”. We also offer PVC cling film clear and white.

      Product title Product Model Download
      Window Film Ultra Clear WG-UC DOWNLOAD
      Window Film Ultra Clear Lit WG-UC-B DOWNLOAD
      PET Window Film Optical 100 WG-100OT DOWNLOAD
      Dot Glue Low-Tac Stick Glossy/Matte DD10140G/M DOWNLOAD
      Dot Glue Low-Tac Clear Stick Glossy/Matte DD10140TG/M DOWNLOAD
      Window Cling Film White S15170W DOWNLOAD
      Window Cling Film Clear S15170T DOWNLOAD
  • Special Self-Adhesive
    • PVC Free

      No plasticizer, no stabilizer, this printable adhesive film is made from multi-polymer to meet up to dated eco-friendly environmental requirements. Much more flexible, much more durable than regular vinyl film

      Product title Product Model Download
      EnviroTac Olefin Vinyl Gloss N12140RG-LTX DOWNLOAD
      EnviroTac Olefin Vinyl Matte N12140RM-LTX DOWNLOAD