• Vinyl Self-Adhesive
    • Economic-12Months

      These are the most sales vinyl with general monomeric face film offers consistent printing quality from roll to roll and batch to batch. Normally comes with solvent base adhesive (permanent and removable optional) and single side PE silicon paper, good for every day adhesive advertising and signage purposes.

      Product title Product Model Download
      Self Adhesive Vinyl Clear Glossy T09120G DOWNLOAD
      Self Adhesive Vinyl Clear Matte T09120M DOWNLOAD
      Self Adhesive Vinyl Clear Plus Glossy T10140G DOWNLOAD
      Self Adhesive Vinyl Clear Plus Matte T10140M DOWNLOAD
      PSA Vinyl True Blockout PZ18140G DOWNLOAD
  • One Way Vision
    • Perforated Vinyl Film

      There are three types perforated vinyl for different purposes, short term, economic and good quality for short to medium term advertisings and signs. And four kind open rate for different application scenarios from 20/80, 30/70, 40/60 to 50/50. Our One-Way-Vision are competitive and covers most of the practical requirements.

      Product title Product Model Download
      Perforated Vinyl S/A 30/70 OWV-S30 DOWNLOAD
      Perforated Vinyl S/A 40/60 OWV-S40 DOWNLOAD
      Perforated Vinyl S/A 50/50 OWV-S50 DOWNLOAD
      Perforated Vinyl S/A 20/80 OWV-S20 DOWNLOAD
      Perforated Vinyl S/A Economy OWV-EA30(40) DOWNLOAD
      Perforated Vinyl S/A Promotional OWV-EB30(40) DOWNLOAD
    • Perforated Vinyl Film for UV Printing and Special

      The special designed “Duplex” release liner is able to keep the cured UV ink staying on the liner beneath the open area of the perforated face film so that there will be no cured ink block the holes. This One-Way-Vision always come with good quality face film to meet the high quality requests. There are “Two-Way-Vision” and “Holographic Perforated Vinyl S/A” with special treated face film to special scenarios.

      Product title Product Model Download
      Perforated Vinyl S/A UV curable OWV-S40UV DOWNLOAD
      Perforated Vinyl S/A UV curable OWV-S30UV DOWNLOAD
      Holographic Perforated Vinyl S/A OWV-LA DOWNLOAD
  • Décor Self-Adhesive
    • Window Graphic

      These adhesive films come with textured transparent film or super clear/fine white film to be used on windows only. Printable textured transparent film normally with permanent adhesive for custom window décor and privacy. Clear/White face film are for advertising and signs normally with removable adhesive, or special “dot glue”. We also offer PVC cling film clear and white.

      Product title Product Model Download
      Window Film Crystal Frost WG-08100C DOWNLOAD
      Window Film Sandblast WG-08100S DOWNLOAD
      Window Film Silver Pearl WG-08100P DOWNLOAD
      Window Film Ultra Clear WG-UC DOWNLOAD
      Window Film Ultra Clear Lit WG-UC-B DOWNLOAD
      PET Window Film Optical 100 WG-100OT DOWNLOAD
      Dot Glue Low-Tac Stick Glossy/Matte DD10140G/M DOWNLOAD
      Dot Glue Low-Tac Clear Stick Glossy/Matte DD10140TG/M DOWNLOAD
      Window Cling Film White S15170W DOWNLOAD
      Window Cling Film Clear S15170T DOWNLOAD
      Window Film Rainbow WG-050RB DOWNLOAD
  • PhotoGraphic Lamination
    • PhotoGraphic Lamination

      There are total 13 ways to protect and enhance photo graphics and 13 unique face films from very crystal, high gloss to sandtex, leather, canvas and to 3D magic star, flash diamonds. These laminations always use premium face film and super smooth release liner to increase the value of photo graphic business.

      Product title Product Model Download
      Photo Graphic Lamination Glossy LAM-180PL-1 DOWNLOAD
      Photo Graphic Lamination Foggy LAM-180PL-2 DOWNLOAD
      Photo Graphic Lamination Sandtex LAM-180PL-3 DOWNLOAD
      Photo Graphic Lamination Cross LAM-180PL-4 DOWNLOAD
      Photo Graphic Lamination Canvas LAM-180PL-5 DOWNLOAD
      Photo Graphic Lamination ClothDots LAM-180PL-6 DOWNLOAD
      Photo Graphic Lamination Leather LAM-180PL-7 DOWNLOAD
      Photo Graphic Lamination Diamond LAM-180PL-8 DOWNLOAD
      Photo Graphic Lamination SilkTex LAM-180PL-9 DOWNLOAD
      Photo Graphic Lamination 3DCateye LAM-180PL-10 DOWNLOAD
      Photo Graphic Lamination MagicStar LAM-180PL-11 DOWNLOAD
      Photo Graphic Lamination FlashDiamond LAM-180PL-12 DOWNLOAD
  • Coated PET Media
    • Backlit PET Media

      Backlit PET media are covering aqueous printing backlit PET film, UV/latex optimized backlit PET film and universal printing backlit film for creating light boxes advertising used in daylight and at night. There are transparent PET and translucent PET available as substrate film. The translucent type offers outstanding brilliance in reflected or transmitted light

      Product title Product Model Download
      Backlit Film (Revise Printing) BF-125 DOWNLOAD
    • Special PET Media

      Special PET media are high transparent polyester film developed for aqueous ink. Good for overlay applications (with sticker) and window graphics.

      Product title Product Model Download
      Ink Jet Transparent Film PET-100TF DOWNLOAD
      Ink Jet Transparent Film S/A PET-100TFL DOWNLOAD