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MAGTACTM is a brand new system. The system is based on MAGWALL(self-adhesive magnet to attract the ferrous surface films) and MAGTAC films(magnetic receptive white films with printing surface). This system creates more value on cost saving, easy installation, fast delivery and quality graphics. Magnet with PVC printing surface applied to steel surfaces directly is another application option under this magnetic series.

  • Ferrous Film
    • Ferrous PP Media

      MAGTAC PP Film Aqueous, Matte MG-810A DOWNLOAD
      MAGTAC PP Film Water Resistance MG-810B DOWNLOAD
    • Ferrous PET Media

      MAGTAC PET Film Eco-Sol MG-821A DOWNLOAD
      MAGTAC PET Film Plus Eco-Sol MG-822A DOWNLOAD
      MAGTAC VinylPET Banner MG-832B DOWNLOAD
      MAGTAC VinylPET Banner Value MG-832AB DOWNLOAD
    • Ferrous Canvas Media

      MAGTAC Art Canvas MG-833A DOWNLOAD
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  • Magnetic film
    • MagWall

      Soft MagWall S/A MS-07B DOWNLOAD
      Soft MagWall S/A Plus MK-07A-PSA DOWNLOAD
      Soft MagWall Extra MK-05B DOWNLOAD
    • Magnetic Media

      Soft white PVC MagWall S/A MK-08B-PVC DOWNLOAD
      Soft MagVinyl Sheets MV-04B-PVC DOWNLOAD
      Soft MagVinyl Sheets MK-05B-PVC DOWNLOAD
      Soft MagVinyl Sheets MK-055-PVC DOWNLOAD
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  • Special Magnetic
    • Magnetic Chalk Media

      Magtac Printable Chalk Black Film, UV MG-160CB DOWNLOAD
    • Magnetic Dry Erase Media

      Magtac Dry Erase White Film MG-100DR DOWNLOAD
      Magtac Dry Erase White Film S/A MG-75400WL DOWNLOAD
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