Perfect moments and arresting art have to be printed brilliant media. SICOL CANVAS & TEXTILES series materials bring us the best output of images and combination with professional ink jet printing systems into real eye-catches. A wide variety of canvas base and textiles can be found from this brochure. Including polyester, cotton or blended fabrics produced by woven or knitting technology.

  • Sublimation Textiles
    • Flag Textiles

      PolyKnit Flag Dyesub 110g TSK-06 DOWNLOAD
      PolyKnit Flag Dyesub 110g DSK-06 DOWNLOAD
      PolyKnit Mesh Dyesub 115g TSK-05 DOWNLOAD
      PolyKnit Mesh Dyesub 115g DSK-05 DOWNLOAD
      Poly BannerTex Lite, Eco-Sol EF-120BG DOWNLOAD
    • Events Textiles

      Soft PolyKnit Lite Stretch Dyesub 180g DSK- 24LS DOWNLOAD
      Spandex Stretch Dyesub 230g DSK-10 DOWNLOAD
      Spandex Power Stretch Dyesub 270gr DSK-98A DOWNLOAD
      PolyKnit Blackback Dyesub 270g DSK-21 DOWNLOAD
      Poly Woven DSS White OPC Dyesub 270g/260 DSW-22TW DOWNLOAD
      Poly Woven DSS Blockout Dyesub 280g DSW-22BK DOWNLOAD
      Art-Woven GreyBack 340g Eco-Sol DSW-BA DOWNLOAD
      Art-Woven Smooth BlackBack 240g Eco-Sol DSW-300BG DOWNLOAD
    • Backlit Textiles

      Woven BackliTex 180SW, FR(B1) DSW-NBL DOWNLOAD
      Fine Woven BackliTex 140SW, FR(B1) DSW-PBL DOWNLOAD
      DSS Drill Satin Dyesub 202g DSW-17FL/BL DOWNLOAD
      Polyknit Backlit Dyesub 260g TSK-12ABL DOWNLOAD
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  • Wall Mural Canvas
    • Polyester Canvas

      PolyCanvas Lite, WR WP-300CVM DOWNLOAD
      PolyCanvas Standard, WR WP-600CVM DOWNLOAD
      PolyCanvas Premium, W/R WP-610CVM DOWNLOAD
      PolyCanvas Extreme , WR WP-1100CVM DOWNLOAD
      PolyCanvas Lite Universal Matte SOL-300CVM DOWNLOAD
      PolyCanvas Lite Universal Glossy SOL-300CVG DOWNLOAD
      PolyCanvas Universal Glossy SOL-600CVG DOWNLOAD
      PolyCanvas Universal Matte SOL-600CVM DOWNLOAD
      PolyCanvas Extreme Glossy SOL-610CVG DOWNLOAD
      PolyCanvas Extreme Matte SOL-610CVM DOWNLOAD
    • PolyCotton Canvas

      Polycotton Canvas Lite Matte, WR WP-620CM DOWNLOAD
      Polycotton Canvas Matte, WR WP-650CM DOWNLOAD
      Polycotton Canvas Premium Matte, WR WP-680CM DOWNLOAD
      PolyCotton Canvas Premium Glossy WP-650CG DOWNLOAD
      Polycotton Canvas Lite Matte 340g SOL-620CM DOWNLOAD
      Polycotton Canvas Lite Satin 340g SOL-620CS DOWNLOAD
      Polycotton Canvas Premium Glossy 380g SOL-650CG DOWNLOAD
      Polycotton Canvas Premium Semigloss 380g SOL-650CS DOWNLOAD
      Polycotton Canvas Premium Matte 380g SOL-650CM DOWNLOAD
      Polycotton Canvas Plus Glossy 420g SOL-680CG DOWNLOAD
      Polycotton Canvas Plus Semigloss 420g SOL-680CS DOWNLOAD
      Polycotton Canvas Plus Matte 420g SOL-680CM DOWNLOAD
      Value PolyCotton Canvas Glossy 380gr SOL-650CVG DOWNLOAD
      Value PolyCotton Canvas Semigloss 380gr SOL-650CVS DOWNLOAD
      Value PolyCotton Canvas Matte 380gr SOL-650CVM DOWNLOAD
    • Cotton Canvas

      Cotton Canvas Standard, WR WP-650CAM DOWNLOAD
      Cotton Canvas Premium Glossy 350g SOL-650CAG DOWNLOAD
      Cotton Canvas Premium Semigloss 350g SOL-650CAS DOWNLOAD
      Cotton Canvas Premium Matte 350g SOL-650CAM DOWNLOAD
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  • Special Canvas
    • Non-Woven Canvas

      PET NWF Banner Plus SOL-180NWP DOWNLOAD
      NWF Banner, Eco-Sol SOL-200NWF DOWNLOAD
    • Canvas Self-Adhesive

      TexTAC, Eco-Sol SOL-150BFL DOWNLOAD
      TexTAC Eco-Sol Slip-Res SOL-SR DOWNLOAD
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